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We are on a mission to solve the biggest problem in the skilled trades.

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no longer want to pursue a 4-year degree, but they don't know their other options


of trades careers are still discovered through word-of-mouth referrals.


of employers are facing a skills gap and struggle to find and retain quality talent.

The Labor Gap Crisis

There's an ever-growing demand in the skilled trades, but not enough workers to fill the need. The trades offer stable, high-earning careers, so why aren't people running to them?


A staggering 70% of trades careers are still discovered through word-of-mouth referrals. In our modern era of technology and communication, it just shows that the biggest barrier for career seekers to get into the skilled trades is a lack of information and exposure. We aim to solve this problem.

Awareness is key

Many career seekers are increasingly looking for non traditional, low-debt career paths but lack resources to guide them. At, we've set out to tackle this challenge head-on. Our mission is clear: we educate career seekers about trade opportunities and connect them with schools, employers, and unions to help kickstart their careers.

Our Vision

Our vision at is to revolutionize the perception of trade careers while breaking down the barriers to entry. We're determined to provide young and second-career professionals with the same level of information and support available to college and military aspirants. Our goal is to pave a clear and accessible path to a successful career in the trades, ultimately bridging the skilled labor gap that's persisted for decades.

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How are we different?

Holistic Exposure

Career seekers gain a comprehensive market view, accessing diverse listings from employers, schools, and unions, allowing them to align with their unique interests and aspirations.

Awareness Building

We go beyond just listings. We use engaging social media posts, blogs, and podcasts to educate and inspire potential entrants about skilled trade opportunities.

Re-imagining Connection

JoinTheTrades core focus is fostering meaningful connections, bypassing traditional job posts and resumes for direct interactions between career seekers and hiring entities.

No job posts or resumes. Taking cues from innovative sites like Zillow and Airbnb, allows career seekers to bypass the jumble of job posts to narrow their local career options to what matters to them most.

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Our Leadership

Christopher Scott


Full stack developer with 20+ years in coding and cyber-security.

Nicole Bass

CEO and Founder

Owner of industry-leading training organization in the commercial HVAC industry (

Srivani Sista

Senior Growth Marketer

Senior growth marketer with multiple start-up successes.

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