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Your Trades Career Launchpad

Connect directly with local employers and high-quality schools to kickstart your skilled trades career.

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Who are we?

We're Like a Virtual Career Fair

Modern life is hectic, and attending career fairs might not fit into your schedule. That's where steps in. We offer a platform where job seekers, schools, and employers can connect directly at any time, day or night.

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Why Should You Join
The Trades?

The trades are not a backup plan. They're an in-demand career choice that can provide you with the respect and financial stability you deserve.

Earn $80,000 to $150,000 annually

A career in the trades is not just a job, but a path to financial freedom for you and your family. JoinTheTrades can help you discover high-paying in-demand opportunities and connect with employers.

Low-cost education

Say goodbye to student debt woes. Our platform connects you with trade schools that offer affordable training options, ensuring you acquire the skills needed without breaking the bank.

Endless demand for workers in trades

As industries expand, the need for skilled tradespeople also grows exponentially. Tradespeople are sought after by employers, providing job security and a sense of purpose. Our platform is designed to connect career seekers with employers that will truly value you.

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Discover 55+ Trades Industries

Explore the world of trades, and their growth prospects, and set the stage for an exciting journey that aligns with your goals.

How does it work?

Kick Start Your Career in 3 Simple Steps



Sign Up for Free

Embark on your path to success with a simple, free sign-up at Our aim is to provide career seekers with better access to skilled trades opportunities, which means making it affordable for everyone.

Filter and Scroll Through The Listings

Our intuitive platform empowers you to filter and scroll through an array of employer and school listings with advanced filters. Tailor your exploration to your preferences, finding opportunities that align with your passion, skills, and goals. Click on each profile to see what the company or school has to offer.


Explore, Connect, Excel

Seamlessly connect with companies and schools by sending personalized messages to them. Whether you're seeking the perfect employer or a top-notch trade school, our platform ensures you're just a click away from engaging with those who can shape your future.

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Discover Your Perfect Trade

Not sure which trade is right for you? Let our AI-driven assessment guide you. We analyze your strengths, passions, and preferences to match you with trade industries that align with your potential.

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Here's What Our Users Say


Eagle Eye

I know it’s a new site but we’ve already met great candidates. We’re excited for what JTT will do for us!


Vaughan Electric

We love it! JTT saves a ton of time and money for us. It's is a great solution for the digital era where the turnouts at career fairs just aren’t what they used to be. 


EMC Mechanical

If you saw what we spend on recruitment you’d be shocked. It’s nice to have an option that doesn’t cost a fortune - and setting up our company page was pretty quick

Join the Trades Revolution

Become a part of the Trades Revolution and help transform and modernize the world of trades careers. Your journey to success starts here.

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