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Struggling To Hire Quality Trade Talent?

We Have A Solution

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Who are we?

Think of us as a
Virtual Career Fair

No time to attend every career fair in the area? List your company on our platform for career seekers to see!

Career seekers can see your company listing all year round, 24/7.

Hire workers from more than 20 trades. And the list keeps growing!

Interested candidates can apply directly. Receive instant email notifications

Spend 90% less than traditional ads in an annual subscription model.

*Monthly subscription also available

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Discover 20+ Trades Industries

Explore the world of trades, and their growth prospects, and set the stage for an exciting journey that aligns with your goals.

Trusted By

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How does it work?

We Can Help You Hire Better

We’re creating a single platform where career seekers can learn about great companies and vice versa. Here’s how we do it -

List your company on our platform and showcase why you're a great place to work, like a virtual career fair.

We use our marketing efforts to bring career seekers into the platform.

Interested candidates connect with you directly.

That’s it!

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Here's What Our Users Say


Eagle Eye

I know it’s a new site but we’ve already met great candidates. We’re excited for what JTT will do for us!


Vaughan Electric

We love it! JTT saves a ton of time and money for us. It's is a great solution for the digital era where the turnouts at career fairs just aren’t what they used to be. 


EMC Mechanical

If you saw what we spend on recruitment you’d be shocked. It’s nice to have an option that doesn’t cost a fortune - and setting up our company page was pretty quick

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