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The Skilled Labor Gap

The Future Is Skilled

There's a significant gap in the skilled labor force. This means that industries are desperate for quality talent across all trades.

But why aren't many people choosing these careers? The main reason is that many high schoolers (and their parents!) aren't fully aware of the opportunities trade careers offer and lack guidance on how to begin! 

It's 100% free for career seekers! 

How Are We Solving This?

Breaking Barriers To Entry tackles the 3 biggest roadblocks keeping qualified candidates out of fulfilling trade careers.

Barrier 1: Lack of Information

Many career seekers struggle to get started in their careers due to a lack of access to credible resources. Through the JoinTheTrades app, career seekers can access to information on over 60 trade industries empowering them to make informed decisions about their future paths.

Barrier 2: Lack of Exposure

In today's job market, exposure is crucial, yet many employers and schools struggle to connect with the right audience, resulting in a talent shortage. By listing on our platform, employers and schools can showcase themselves to thousands of career seekers, passively recruiting year-round.

Barrier 3: Lack of Streamlined Communication

Struggling to connect with companies is a common frustration for job seekers. We simplify this process by facilitating direct connections between hiring managers and candidates through personal messages without the need for lengthy resumes.

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How does it work?

Here's How The JoinTheTrades App Works



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Discover 60+ Career Paths

We aim to break down all barriers to entry and make information related to trade careers easily accessible to everyone. 

Empower students to explore and learn over 60 trade careers, helping them make informed career decisions.



Connect With Employers and Trade Schools 

Discover The Perfect Trade Using Our AI Assessment

Connect with employers and trade schools in your area through personalized messages, which can help kickstart students' careers.

Our AI assessment analyzes an individual's strengths, passions, and preferences to match them with trade industries that align with their potential.

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Here's What Our Users Say


Eagle Eye

I know it’s a new site but we’ve already met great candidates. We’re excited for what JTT will do for us!


Vaughan Electric

We love it! JTT saves a ton of time and money for us. It's is a great solution for the digital era where the turnouts at career fairs just aren’t what they used to be. 


EMC Mechanical

If you saw what we spend on recruitment you’d be shocked. It’s nice to have an option that doesn’t cost a fortune - and setting up our company page was pretty quick

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